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200th Jump, April 18, 1999

10-Way Dive, Organized by Matt LaChance and Jon Dunn
Video and Stills by Camera Boy aka Chris Scnear

Waiting for more altitude and the spot...Going over the dive one more time before getting ready to exit...
Exit...Alan ended up being placed over top of base to prevent a funnel! Thanks Matt!
Wonderful shot! Stable base and waiting for everyone else to get there.
Everyone is in their slot and we're flying stable!
A bit compressed, but kept control of the dive! Moved on to 2nd point and broke off at 4500'!! Wonderful dive and I landed in the peas!

Participants: Debbie Allen,Ken Boggs(aka Green Dart) Dave Dillard, Jon Dunn, Alan Howk, Matt LaChance, Mark Linsky, Steve Lebinsky, Laura Parker and Steve Patoir!
Thanks y'all for a great dive!! Blue Skies!!