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LEVEL 1 AFF, Skydive Temple, October 25, 1997

On the way to the plane, I remember being terrified, but trying not to let it show. I had only been on a plane for the first time the month before. Now here I was planning on jumping out of one. Bruce kept joking around and putting me at ease throughout the flight to altitude.
When they said go to the door, I was slow, but got there. Checked in, Checked out, and exited the plane, with my eyes closed. When I opened them, Mike Mims had his hand in front of my face indicating I needed to ARCH. I made the correction and proceeded with all he had taught me in class earlier that day.
I completed my first circle of awareness around 12,000 feet.
I completed my practice rip cord pulls and my final circle of awareness by 8,000 feet and just enjoyed the "flight"!
At 5500 feet I flashed my 5/5, Arched, looked, reached and pulled! 1001, 1002, 1003 and my canopy was open! It was the most amazing feeling realizing what I had just done. The view was picturesque as it was nearly sunset, and I could see the lakes and the clouds! It was me, the birds and God, and I had just skydived, and was forever hooked!!

I completed my Level VII AFF March 21, 1998!! I want to thank each of my jump masters for all their help and encouragement!! Bruce, Mike, Matt and Brett Y'all are the best, in spite of what others may say!! BLUE SKIES!!