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DIABETES--The Silent Killer

At age 32 I was diagnosed with adult onset Diabetes. I had been showing symptoms, but not the ones I always associated with Diabetes. I always thought there was a great weight loss, ravenous thirst and constant bathroom breaks. I decided I needed a check up anyway and into the doctor I went. He checked me over and ordered blood work, of course fasting, for the next morning. A week later the doctor confirmed what I suspected, I was Diabetic, borderline, but still Diabetic. My blood sugar level was at 177 and should have been between 75 and 115.

Well I'll admit, despite having grandparents that had Diabetes, I never thought much about it. Diabetics just couldn't eat sugar, right? WRONG!!

The first thing the doctor did was send me to Endocrinology and I met with a dietician who helped me figure out a low fat/high fiber Diet and recipes that I could live with. With a proper diet and an exercise regime I have been able to drop weight and keep my blood sugar levels below 130.

I've adapted many recipes to my new life style change. Oh there are times when I fail, but you get up and try again.

In September 1999, my 4 year old niece Tessa was hospitalized and diagnosed with childhood diabetes and is currently taking 3 shots of insulin a day. It's very difficult on my sister and her family right now, so keep them in your prayers.

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