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My Skydiving Family and Friends

You'll find pictures here of all of those people out there that I have had the privilege of skydiving with.

Skydive Temple is my "Home away from Home" and I definitely include many of those who jump there as family. I've made many new friends due to skydiving and look forward to making many more in the coming years!

Matt LaChance is not only a terrific skydiver,rigger and instructor, but a close friend as well. He brings each of us that jump with him to a better understanding of the sport, and a higher level of skill. Matt has competed in 4-way, 8-way and 16-way competitions, as well as large formation records.
What good can be said about Jon Dunn aka LJ? He's a good friend and an excellent skydiver and tandem master. He's also a practical joker. I'll never look at zip strips/ties in the same way again! :>)

THE BOYS! Matt, Ken and LJ after a good dive!

Mark Weaver is definitely a great friend and all around sweetheart. Thanks again for driving back from Quincy!

Shawn Ross and me before and after a jump.
If LJ is the practical joker, Ken Boggs is the DZ Comedian!! Of course I mean that with love and laughter my friend!

Ken, wake up!!! Hey Ken, wake up we're on jump run!!

Bill, Brian and Wendy heading for the plane! Crew and headdown covered!!

Chris Scnear aka Camera Boy is a great camera man and rigger. He filmed my 200th jump and has done a wonderful job repairing my gear when needed!

Brett Carroll is an excellent jump master and instructor! He jumped with me on several of my AFF's and will still fun jump with us occasionally! Brett is also the DZ's S&TA!

Susan coming in for a landing! Susan is a great videographer, rigger and she can also pack a parachute in nothing flat!