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Welcome To Laura's Place

A big Howdy from this very ordinary Texas lady! I'm actually a 1984 transplant from southwestern Kansas.

Currently I am employed by a large hospital as their Safety Coordinator. The best way to describe what I do is everything including but not limited to Fire, Patient, Staff, Life, Visitor and Property safety and regulations pertaining to all the aforementioned. I love my career and look forward to expanding my horizons into different safety related fields.

Hobbies and Interests
My Kids the joys of my life! At least they are most of the time!
SkydivingYes I jump out of perfectly good airplanes every chance I get!
Exercise! Punch and Kick your way to health!
Baking Watch out Betty Crocker!!
Diabetes the Silent Killer!

If you planted hope today,
In any hopeless heart
If someone's burden was lighter
Because you did your part,
If you caused a laugh
That chased some tears away
If tonight your name is named
When someone kneels to pray
Then your day has been well spent!

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