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Laura's Logbook

Jump Masters Initials only...To protect the innocent and not so innocent...!!!

Jump Number: AFF Level 1,Jump Master: BH

Date: 10/25/97, Location: Salado, TX, Aircraft: KingAir, Equipment: Laser 9, Altitude: 14,000, Delay: 63, Total Time: 63

Good door jam, hotel check, count and O.K. exit. Need more "ARCH". 1st altimeter reading 13K. Got "arch" signal with good response. PRCP's good. 2nd altimeter 8K. Good. Good hover control. 5,500 flashed on time with good pull. Go for Level II. Skydive!!

Jump Number: AFF Level II,Jump Master ML

Date: 11/29/97, Location: Salado, TX, Aircraft: KingAir, Equipment: SkyMaster, Altitude: 14,000, Delay: 65

Slow climb out, but soon hotel check and count. Altitude 13K, PRCP's good. Right turn good and strong and on heading. Left turn about 45@ short. Forward movement good and strong. Work on arm position. 5500 flash on time. Good pull and landing. Go to Level III.

Jump Number: AFF Level III,Jump Master BP

Date: 1/18/98, Location: Salado, TX, Aircraft: KingAir, Equipment: Laser 9, Altitude: 14,500, Delay: 60

Good door jam. Good hotel check. Slight d-Arch at exit. Jumpmaster gave arch signal good response and good altitude. Good PRCP and heel clicks. Release. Did great then dipped shoulder and turned left. Jump master secondary tagged and stopped. Got shoulders square and re-released. Did great, but started slight turn at pull time, but did OK. Good CC and landing. Go to Level IV. Blue Skies!!

Jump Number: AFF Level IV, Jump Master: MB

Date: 1/24/98 Location: Salado, TX Aircraft: KingAir Equipment: Laser 9 Altitude: 14500 Delay: 65

Good exit, body position needs more arch. No PRCP, even with JM's assistance. Released to stable flight. Slow left turn was uncontrolled for three rotations. Stopped by JM. Left spin after re-release. Poor Alt. awareness. Low pull after JM stopped spin. Canopy opened at 2500'. Not cleared of Level IV. Practice arch and counter acting turns before rejump. (Some spotting practice before jump.)

What he failed to comment on was that my AAD fired! Not a performance I'd like to repeat!

Jump Number AFF Level IV Jump Master: BP

Date:2/7/98 Location: Salado, TX Aircraft: KingAir Equipment: Laser 9 Altitude:14,500 Delay:63
Good exit. Relaxation was much better this time. JM gave legs signal during Altimeter check at 14,000. Released did good right 90@ turn and good redock. JM gave leg signals again. Released and did 90@ left and went additional 360@ and then stopped on own. JM gave heel click signal. Good response. Started a slow left turn 180@. During turn waved off and pulled, but pulled at proper altitude. Flared at 25ft., reminded about proper height to flare. Go to Level V!! BP
This has been my best jump, but worst landing. Flared way too early. Paid for it too, bruised my tail bone big time!! But I was still smiling! Blue skies and Level V!! LP

Jump Number AFF Level V Jump Master: MB

Date: 2/28/98 Location: Salado, TX Aircraft: KingAir Equipment: Laser-9 Altitude: 14,500 Delay:55

Exit started off well, until you sat down. Hold your arch. The rest of the skydive went well. Good 360@ turns in both directions. Good forward movement. Lost sight of Altimeter at 6000', so did wave-off and pull. Good response to situation. Well done. Cleared to Level VI.

Jump Number AFF Level VI Jump Master: BH

Date: 3/1/98 Location: Salado, TX Aircraft:KingAir Equipment: SkyMaster Altitude: 14,000' Delay:63

Good climb out, check and exit (yeah!) Maintained stability!! Both Back loops were OK. Regained stability quickly. Track was OK. GREAT hover control. Wave off and pull on time. Great job, go for Level VII!!

Never thought I would be able to say I actually held onto the outside of a plane and flew! *smile This skydive was awesome. Didn't realize what stability was really like. I'm not afraid of much after this flight!!

Jump Number: AFF Level VII Jump Master: BH

Date: 3/21/98 Location: Salado, TX Aircraft: KingAir Equipment: SkyMaster Altitude: 14,000 Delay: 63

Exciting Exit! Regained stability quickly. Spent too much time on FL (front loops). Both L&R 360@ over rotated, but good heading. No time for BL (back loop), good altitude awareness. Good hover, wave off & pull. Great canopy control. Cleared from AFF!! Congrats!!!

I actually landed on my feet and stayed on my feet. It was an awesome skydive and I'm off student status. I thank all of my JM's for all their patience and help...They're a great bunch of guys.

May 30, 1998 Completed my SCR 8-way Star with Kyle's organization. Received my SCR award. This is a free flown 8-way that makes a circle "star" formation and you must hold it for 8 seconds. Also attended my first crawfish boil afterwards. I did luck out and my ceremony wasn't conducted until Labor Day weekend...Still nice and warm!! :)

July 3, 1998 Mark "Lap" Dunlap helped me secure my Eagle award today!! It was awesome actually got the two points in, pictures and video were great!! Thanks "Lap"!! Got to watch the famous "Chicken Dance"! Got the video to prove it!!! :):)

August 1999 Mike Mims organized my Falcon award 4-way. Still falling low, but we managed to obtain 5 points. FINALLY! :)

October 24, 1998
Celebrated my one year anniversary of jumping today, and purchased my first rig! Manta 288 black and white canopy, Javelin container, black with red, grey and black flap!! What a great year of skydiving!! It's all your fault Mike Mims and Bruce Hale!! Mike thanks for being a great instuctor, Bruce thanks for jumping with me and all the jokes!! XOXOXO