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MGH Neurological Chat

As a teen, usually at very stressful times in my life I would suffer really bad headaches. Following my son's accident I had constant headaches, with narrowing (tunnel)vision and nausea. The doctor's seemed to have a hard time with the Diagnosis and Treatment of Migraines, basically like many other neuro prolbems, not everyone's symptom are the same. .

They attempted to put me on Elavil or amitryptalline, but I refused due to some adverse side effects. They recently put me on Enderol which has helped control the Migraines somewhat. Finally they have put me on the Enderol on a daily basis and then Imitrex once the migraine begins. I have many friends who suffer with migraines as well as Cluster Headaches. I hope these links will help you find some relief from the headache pain.