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Samantha was born in Kansas in May 1983, a year after I graduated High School. Born with coal black hair and blue eyes, which through various ages has changed to a strawberry blonde and brown/hazel eyes. She has been raised in Texas almost her entire life. She's a great kid and is into high school volleyball and softball, and works a part time job during the school year.

Caitlin is my second born. Very talented in percussion and as a puppeteer for our church. Caiti was born at Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Texas in 1986. Dark hair, what little there was, and blue eyes that later turned brown. Caitlin has taken after Mom with her red hair and has a heart of gold. Caiti is into all sports including volleyball, basketball and track in school this year.

In 1990, my youngest, Charles, erupted into our lives. Little boys are definitely different! Never one to stop, he has been a ball of energy since birth. In May of 1997, Charles was injured in a serious accident that nearly cost him his life. This same accident taught me to look for the good in the worst of situations and all things are possible through God. Charles enjoys playing video games and watching movies and has recently received his two black stripes on his white belt in Tae Kwon Do.