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World Free Fall Convention 1999

Quincy '99 was the most awesome experience! Seeing a whole "city" of skydivers and meeting new and seeing old friends! From the helicopter ride/jump to the Jet it was a wonderful 5 days.... I can't wait til Quincy 2000!

What a view! They had even cut WFFC into the grass! Corn everywhere, thank goodness I stayed out of it! :>)

We got to Quincy late Tuesday night, or rather early Wednesday morning. Headed to the Main Tent and ran into Steve Lynne. Then proceeded to set up our tents and hit the sack. Around sunrise I woke to the sound of hot air balloons being inflated. What an awesome sight to see this process. Even better was watching the jumpers going up. Due to lousy weather and high winds I had to cash in my ticket! But there is always next year!! :>)

Helicopter Jumps! These were the most awesome rides and some of the first jumps I made! The jump was great too, but those pilots were just great! Jumped with an Australian and a guy from Minnesota! Go Quincy!

You wouldn't believe the people who asked him if it was his real hair!

The Knights did a demo jump into Quincy this year on their way to another demo!
Landing sequences were just awesome!

The take offs were unbelievable! Next year a ride is a definite!
Go baby go!
The BIPLANE! Another MUST DO for 2000!! Was too busy trying to make loads on the Skyvan, Casa and Mr. Douglas.

What can I say about the JET!! AWESOME, UNBELIEVABLE!! We were supposed to jump on Friday, August 13, 1999, but the sky gods decided to hose us, as you can see in the picture of Mark and me. I'm freezing, nothing like a 50-60 degree day after being sunburnt from the 80-90 degree day on Thursday! Thank goodness the JET was held over to Saturday. As I exited I turned over and watched as jumpers were "spit" out the tail of this plane!

Out and about at Quincy!